Waterfalls can signify two different thoughts to people. They can be characterized as being peaceful, natural landscapes. When most people see a picture of a waterfall, they probably feel calm and peaceful. Alternatively, waterfalls can represent chaos and epic. When people stand in front of a massive waterfall, they can feel terrified and defeated. When the temperature drops, ice caves have formed, there is a new feel and look to them. Ice forms on bodies of still water when the temperature hits 0 degrees Celsius or below. However, the science of freezing becomes more complex in moving water because waterfalls don’t stop flowing and freeze when the temperature drops to freezing point. It will take longer for the moving water to freeze compared to still water under the same weather conditions. When the temperature of the water drops to below freezing point, the water molecules slow down and begins to stick together to form frozen particles of ice. The ice will eventually form an anchor point which continues to grow bigger and longer that can run the length of the waterfall.