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Tips For Beginner Photographers

As a photographer myself, I wished I had spent a little more time reading about tips and techniques when I started photography. Boxing day is only a few…

Top Bag 2

Lowepro Photo Sport 200AW Review

As photographers we all come to a point when we try to look for that “perfect bag” that suits our own personalities. For me, I am constantly hunting…

Canyon De Chelly, Arizona

4 Tips For Landscape Photographers

Being a landscape photographer isn’t just about going outside and taking pictures of the beautiful scenery. For me, I knew that if I looked back at the pictures…

Grand Canyon, Arizona

How To Include People Into Your Landscapes

A great way to add dimension to your landscape photograph is to include people. When you bring a person or a group of people in your pictures, they…

Upper DeCew Falls, St. Catherines

How To Take Waterfall Photos

If you are new to photography, you may be wondering how the pros do certain things. How do they take waterfall photos with the silky effect? How do…

Dead Horse Point, Utah

Getting The Perfect Shot

Getting the perfect shot can be difficult. It will take time, creativity, and patience. Sometimes you will need to wait for the perfect lighting and you won’t know…

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